Taxi and private hire electric charging points

We’re planning to install 30 electric vehicle (EV) rapid chargers across Greater Manchester for use only by taxi and private hire drivers. They will be part of Be.EV – the region’s publicly-owned EV charging network.

Choosing charger locations

We’ve received £2.4m in funding for 30 charging points, and we’re planning to install three sets of chargers clustered in 10 locations – one in each local authority area in Greater Manchester. We’ve identified more than 100 possible sites for the chargers.

We’ve looked at what has worked well in other cities and regions. Installing chargers on private land can be an expensive and lengthy process. So, we’re proposing that all the charging points are installed on public land owned by local councils or Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

We know that car parks are some of the most popular locations for chargers, and we’ve made sure that all proposed sites are open 24 hours a day for both hackney and private hire drivers.

Locations also need to be easily connected to the electricity grid, have enough space for the charging infrastructure and avoid creating queues and road congestion.

Click on the lightning icons in the map to view further information on the possible EV charger locations.

Next steps

We’ve gathered feedback from taxi and private hire drivers and operators and we’ll consider all comments received before deciding on the final sites for the charging points, with one cluster of three chargers in each local authority area. Please check back here for updates.

These charging points are just the start of our investment in EV in Greater Manchester to support the taxi and private hire trade. We’re also bidding for funding for a further 40 dedicated taxi and private hire chargers. This will support Greater Manchester’s ambitions for an entirely zero-emission taxi and private hire fleet by 2029.

Be.EV membership scheme and charging tariff

We’re expanding the Be.EV network to help give people who are considering upgrading to EVs easy access to charging points where and when they need them.

Be.EV has upgraded more than 100 existing charging points and is installing 24 new rapid chargers.

You can join the Be.EV membership scheme for free and it’s currently free to charge your vehicle at any Be.EV charging point. For more information, visit the Be.EV website.