Greater Manchester Minimum Licensing Standards

Taxis and private hire services are a crucial part of our transport network. They provide an important service, particularly for those without access to a car, and people who don’t live or work near other parts of the public transport network.

We want to see taxi and private hire services in Greater Manchester deliver a safer, high-quality experience for everyone, every time, using vehicles that meet high environmental standards.

That’s why Greater Manchester’s ten local councils, supported by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), have developed a proposed set of common, minimum standards for taxi and private hire drivers, vehicles and operators licensed in Greater Manchester.

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Greater Manchester
Clean Air Plan

Greater Manchester is committed to cleaning up the air its residents breathe in a way that does not put jobs, livelihoods and businesses at risk.

Under government direction, the Greater Manchester local authorities had developed plans for a Clean Air Zone. The Zone would have included daily charges for some taxis and private hire vehicles that did not meet emission standards. But government has agreed that the Clean Air Zone will NOT go ahead as planned on 30 May 2022.

That’s because the Zone was designed before the pandemic. There have been significant changes in the market for compliant vehicles, and the cost of living has increased. Greater Manchester is now working with government to deliver a new Clean Air Plan by July 2022.

Clean Air GM

Taxi and private hire electric charging points

We’re expanding the publicly owned Be.EV charging point network in Greater Manchester to help people make the switch to electric vehicles. Our plans include 30 new charging points for use only by taxi and private hire drivers.

We’ve identified more than 100 possible sites for these charging points and we’ve gathered feedback on the proposals from taxi and private hire drivers and operators before choosing the locations.